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Kirjamessut torstai-sunnntai. Siellä kerron tästä kirjasta.

@ Akateeminen Helsinki

SALE at Elisa Kirja!

All my books are on sale at Elisa Kirja!

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My presentation at Helsinki Book Fair

RPM Nautical continues research on the Battle of Egadi site

Work continues – new rams discovered in 2021:

VLY:n webinaari 2.9.

Vielä tänään ehtii ilmoittautua.

Draft 1 of my 11th historical novel complete!

I just completed writing the first version of my 11th historical novel! It still requires some reading, editing and polishing before sending to my editor at the publisher, but this is a great milestone. Editing is much easier than writing. The manuscript can still see major changes.

For a while there has been a trend that I switch between the Hellenistic period and Roman Empire stories. Below are my published novels and the WIP book on a time line:

21. and 22. rams recovered from the battle site

How many books have you made?

When people ask me how many books I have made, it is getting increasingly difficult to answer that question. There is no longer one clear and simple answer. I usually reply that I have made ten historical novels, but that is not the entire truth. I could also say that I have written eleven novels adding ‘1987’, which is not a historical novel but a retro thriller. I could even argue that I have written twelve independent books, because I have actually published books in two languages, so Merikonsuli counts as two (Finnish and English versions). To give a clear answer in a picture I made this literary cv, so that anyone can decide for themselves. You can count ten, eleven or twelve as you please.

A new ram has been found at Egadi islands battle site!

RPM Nautical has found yet another ram from battle site of Egadi Islands.

The Marine Consul is a historical novel describing how the rams got down there. The narrator is Gaius Lutatius Catulus, consul of 242 BC.

Sisilian prinsessa @ keskustan Akateeminen

Author showing a copy of Sisilian prinsessa (The Princess of Sicily) at Akateeminen kirjakauppa in Helsinki city center. The Princess of Sicily tells the story of Lanassa who was worshipped as a living god during her lifetime. A splendid historical novel narrated in the first person. Available in Finnish only.